Exhausts & Catalytic Converters

We stock a huge range of oem specific exhausts as a direct replacement for the majority of todays cars and light commercial vehicles. Should we not have a specific exhaust in stock, we can order it for you and get it the following working day.

Our main supplied exhausts are Klarius TimaxWalkers and Bosal systems with come with a 2 year warranty for piece of mind.

All of our prices include fitting and there are no hidden extras to pay. 

Catalytic Converters
What is a Catalytic Converter?
A Catalytic Converter (or Cat) is an Exhaust Emissions Device located underneath a vehicle. It uses a combination of heat and precious metals to promote a chemical reaction, which breaks down harmful gases, making the emissions less detrimental to the environment.

How does the Catalytic Converter work?
The operating temperature of a cat is between 350 to 400 degrees Celsius. Once the cat has reached this temperature a chemical reaction occurs as the exhaust gases flow through the coated monolith. The harmful gases are oxidised and converted as shown in the diagram opposite.

Components of a Catalytic Converter
A honeycomb monolith coated with precious metals (usually Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium) is encased in a steel can. Between the monolith and the can is matting. Upon running a cat in, this matting expands when subjected to heat. Once expanded, the matting holds the monolith in place.

We have a large amount of catalytic converters in stock ready for fitting, so if you think your catalytic converter is faulty or you are concerned about your emissions, please come and speak to us, we will be more than happy to help. If you prefer you can contact us here.

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